Business Protection

An organization runs on its data.  Whether it is customer and client lists, billing information, documents, photos, video, or financial information, it is all important.  It is imperative to safeguard this information to reduce the risk of data loss and/or compromise.  Munimentum offers in-depth knowledge in many practice areas related to data protection and security:

  • Data Backup Solutions
  • BC/DR Planning
  • Network Edge Security (Firewalls/Gateways)
  • Endpoint Security Solutions

“Although Joel did not maintain an office on site, he was always just a phone call away; ready and able to assist with any difficulty. If something couldn’t be solved via a phone call, he would make a point of coming to the office to sort things out; we would sometimes find him working at one of our computer stations long after office hours. He always demonstrated a professional yet servant hearted attitude towards our church community. I am very confident in Joel’s abilities and steadfastness and have no hesitations in recommending him to you.”

– Rev. Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor, Poritco