Church Specific

  • Charitable Pricing on Qualified Products
  • Software Donation Procurement
  • Budget Planning and Management
  • Hardware and Software Inventory Management
  • High Density Wireless Networks
  • Public / Private Wi-Fi Separation
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Church Management Software (ChMS)
  • Child Check-In Software (Parent Pager, KidCheck)
  • Facilities/Room Booking Software
  • Volunteer Scheduling Software
  • Compliance (data retention, archiving, etc.)

Churches are beginning to see the potential for technology to further their outreach to both their congregants, and to their communities. From supporting internal ministries within their buildings, to making resources available to the world via various online services, leaders within the church are embracing many aspects of technology. Unfortunately, many churches find that the required expertise is not available through staff or volunteers. This is often a roadblock for adaption of many solutions that could benefit their ministries.

Munimentum offers over a decade of experience working with both large and small churches, non-profits, and private schools. Munimentum experts can work with your leaders, board, and staff to identify and implement the technologies that will support and further your ministries.

“Joel’s attitude towards his job is that, “it is not just a job, but is also my ministry”. It is because of this mindset that he is able to work so well with our staff and enable them to keep doing the ministry they are called to do, without having to worry when something happens to their computers or other tools. For these reasons I am very confident in recommending Joel Charters and his company, Munimentum to your church.”

– Rev. Keith Smith, Senior Pastor, APC