Strategic IT Consulting and Projects

  • vCTO/vCIO
  • Services Environment Review and Assessments
  • Network Design
  • Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Custom Projects

Drawing on two decades of experience in the IT industry, Munimentum can provide high level business IT consulting expertise to small businesses. Munimentum can serve in a virtual CTO or CIO role to help organizations further their business goals by identifying and implementing the appropriate technology. Munimentum also has expertise in virtualization and consolidation of legacy servers, as well as network design.

As organizations contemplate moving some or all of their production services to the cloud, both thorough evaluation of the services and detailed migration planning are critical to success. Munimentum is able to bring to bear years of experience in all of these areas.

“Although Joel did not maintain an office on site, he was always just a phone call away; ready and able to assist with any difficulty. If something couldn’t be solved via a phone call, he would make a point of coming to the office to sort things out; we would sometimes find him working at one of our computer stations long after office hours. He always demonstrated a professional yet servant hearted attitude towards our church community. I am very confident in Joel’s abilities and steadfastness and have no hesitations in recommending him to you.”

– Rev. Doug Rhind, Senior Pastor, Poritco