About Munimentum

Munimentum is dynamic, security focused Managed Service Provider in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide management for all aspects of IT infrastructure and services for small and medium sized businesses.

So, what’s in a name?

Munimentum (Latin) From mūniō (“build a wall around; fortify, protect, defend; shelter”). A defence, fortification, protection; entrenchment; rampart, bulwark; fortress, castle. (figuratively) A shelter, defence, protection; safeguard.

Munimentum aims to provide a stable, reliable, and secure technology platform to support the critical operations of your organization.

About Joel

Joel Charters is the driving force behind Munimentum IT services. Deeply caring and professional, Joel is committed to delivering quality technology solutions to his customers. In doing so, Joel helps them to reach their goals by customizing and implementing network solutions, new software or cloud-based tools.

What can Joel do for you?
Put simply, he can look at what your organization does, and he can help you do it more efficiently and more securely by showing you how to use the right technology.

He can manage your help desk, help you with your anti-viruses, set up your wireless network, or help you archive your data.

He can also fill a part-time role of an on-call CTO, or run your help desk for you.  READ MORE ABOUT MUNIMENTUM>

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“Joel’s attitude towards his job is that, “it is not just a job, but is also my ministry”.  It is because of this mindset that he is able to work so well with our staff and enable them to keep doing the ministry they are called to do, without having to worry when something happens to their computers or other tools.  For these reasons I am very confident in recommending Joel Charters and his company, Munimentum to your church.”

– Rev. Keith Smith, Senior Pastor, APC