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Put simply, hiring Munimentum Inc. is like having an on-call full service IT department, without the costs and complications of hiring and training staff. Our friendly experts jump in quickly to fix your desktop, mobile, and office IT challenges, and our Managed IT Services programs allow you to stay securely and reliably connected at a fraction of the cost. Because we are outsourced, we don’t even take up office space! We can also look at what your organization does, and help you do it more efficiently and more securely by connecting you with the right technology. Sometimes this means fixing outdated networks or software, and scanning and clearing out computer viruses so that you can focus on your work instead of on your buggy equipment. Sometimes Munimentum’s work focuses on setting up wireless networks for public use, being available 24 hours a day as your on-call help desk staff, or preparing your office for new employees.

Many of Munimentum’s clients realize that there are better ways to do business. Often times, they just aren’t sure exactly what software or cloud solution they should implement. It can be overwhelming for many organizations, and they quickly become out dated or their data security becomes compromised. Munimentum can help you to run your organization in today’s fast-paced world of cloud computing, online storage, back-ups, firewalls and internet soutions for the office.


Would you like to make your organization run more smoothly and efficiently, and save yourself time, money and heartache in the future?




Joel Charters is the driving force behind Munimentum IT services. Deeply caring and professional, Joel is committed to delivering quality technology solutions to his customers. In doing so, Joel helps them to reach their goals by customizing and implementing network solutions, new software or cloud-based tools. Joel is a family man with a pilot’s license, a heart of gold and the amazing ability to both understand technology and talk about it in a way that makes sense to those who don’t. Being who is is – he almost didn’t approve this tiny biography – so let’s move the focus away from Joel and back to his work: He can manage your help desk, help you with your anti-viruses, set up your wireless network, or help you archive your data. Sometimes he steps into the role of an on-call CTO, and he helps companies weed their way through IT challenges, breaks down different software choices and cloud services that are available and keeps them connected and online. Finding the best software fit for a client means saving their company time and money, and means helping them to maximize their productivity. Other times he functions as the leader of his IT support staff.


From help-desk roles to 24 hour network monitoring, Joel’s a computer expert with the unique ability to explain his work in plain English. Clients enjoy his commitment to their success, and he’s likely to becomes an integral part of your off-s

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