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“Cloud” has become the buzzword dejur in the IT field recently. Though the concept of having your data or services stored or hosted in a remote data center is not new, the manner in which these services are offered is very different. Cloud services are able to be consumed on an “as needed” basis, meaning that they can scale directly up and down with an organization’s requirements.


This leads to capital cost savings, reduced risk, and dramatically increased flexibility and agility. Many different services are now offered as “cloud” services, such as storage, backup, collaboration, CRM, and even business continuity solutions. Munimentum has the expertise to help companies deploy and manage many different cloud solutions. Some cloud services which we specialize in are:


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Cloud Backup
Cloud Storage and Collaboration
Office 365 Implementation and Migration

“I have known Joel for over 10 years. While the business administrator at two local churches in the GTA, Joel and I worked together to design, order, install, and implement a local area network at those two churches. I found Joel to be highly qualified in all areas of IT, Internet connectivity, and networks. I highly recommend Joel as an IT consultant to any organization. You will find Joel to be very professional, caring, innovative, and knowledgeable.”

– Wes Carlisle

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